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Webdav "improvements" in Win7 SP1

I previously wrote about the problems I have had using webdav in Windows 7 to my webdav server. If you haven’t read it follow this link.

Essentialy using the Window 7 webDAV client to a server using basic authentication over SSL did not work. No matter how hard you tried.

This situation has only been slight rectified in Win7 SP1, but with other issues. When I tried to create the drive mapping to the server I get some real weirdness.

  1. When the mapping is created I get an error that the mapping already exists, which is very weird. A look under My Computer reveals three identical links have been created.
  2. Using one of the links does connect to the server and I can see the folders and files. But I cannot navigate through the folders, nor can I open and of the files! Which makes it quite useless.

I have attempted to look for a solution to this issue, but nothing has turned up so. Its entirely possible that I’m the only one encountering this problem. For the moment I’ll still keep using the 3rd party client I have been using for the past year.

Anyone with a solution please feel free to comment.

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