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This Worked

Yesterday I could not believe what I did.

I created a new WordPress site for my self, for my freelancing business. After pretending I was an agency (an agency of one hah!) I have finally woken up. I am a freelancer and that how I sell myself now. I quickly changed my LinkedIn profile and bought some domains. And now I put this site up on my hosting.

This site was originally developed on my laptop and transferred to my hosting. This is how I did it, which doesn’t mean that it works for everyone.

I zipped up all the files and loaded and unzipped the files to the folder for the domain on my hosting. then I created a export file for the mySQL database. I had to modify it slightly to remove the CREATE DATABASE line at the top and put a USING <dbname>.

I entered my cpanel on my hosting and created the database and user. Then input these credentials and database name into the wp-config.php file.

Upload the databse using the phpmysqladmin tool. Then edit the table <prefix>options and change the siteurl and home elements (filter on the option_name column) to match the url to wordpress site.

And it worked!…well almost. The URL rewriting didn’t work. But this can be ‘kicked’ by going to the permalinks settings and clicking save.

Then, by god, it worked. And you are now reading this blog.