More expertise on Backuppc

About four years back I wrote a post on waking up machines in Backuppc.

This was a simple and fantastic way to wake up each machine to back it up. For a while I was actually waking up the backup server from the router and it would then backup the machine. At a set time the backup server would then shut down.

This was going to plan until I upgraded to Ubuntu 12.04. The backup machine was unable to boot up without human intervention and backuppc had an issue requiring the downgrade on the samba component. Most would expect the latest version of a OS to be better than the previous. Sadly this is not the case with Ubuntu.

Well now in this post on Good Job Sucking the author describes a way to wake the machines, discover if they were up shut down and if so turn them off. It a great idea. Only one caveat I would say is that most Windows machines would be set to sleep after a period, so this technique may not be needed for desktop machines.

Well worth looking into I think.


First Impressions of Windows 8

This past weekend I took one of my spare machines and decided since I had a Windows 8 licence I’d see what this Windows 8 was all about.

The machine that I had was currently using Vista Pro. I maybe should have upgraded a Windows XP machine instead but since XP is very stable and Vista annoying. I think maybe I made the right decision.

The install went quite quickly and easily. Quite quick really.

Then I logged in for the first time. I now know why the reviewers think this is a topsy turvy OS. I got pretty damn confused after the first hour and gave up. Window 8 can’t figure out if it is a tablet OS or a desktop OS.

As a tablet OS I’d say it does a superb job. As a desktop OS…it ain’t and will drive desktop users up the wall. We’ll probably see the slowed adoption of a desktop OS since Vista.

Course as a phone OS Windows 8 is the best one out there.


The New Windows Phones

Well now that the hype of the new iPhone 5 is gone we can settle down and get down to the real deal. What will I make of the new Windows Phone 8 phones!


What a mistake to make’a. Oi vay, what the f**k is all I can say. A rather hurried show in early September which failed to show all the new features of Windows Phone 8 (WP8). Then no pricing or release date. Why bother? Nokia quickly going down the tubes.


The new handsets look really interesting. I like the way phone manufacturers are making stylish and colourful handsets for the best smartphone platform currently. Is this Nokia’s influence here? perhaps.


Samsung shouted a collective ‘Ouch’ at it’s courtroom patent loss. While I could talk about how ridiculous patents in the tech space have become, I won’t. This ain’t the place. They have come out with quite a nice handset. This is probably a safe-home for Samsung should the Android OS collapse under the weight of patent lawsuits. They’ve come out with a capable, though boring handset here.


I really do like the HTC and Nokia handsets. So far, HTC has come out with firm pricing for the UK market. Nokia have yet to reveal any info in the UK but have released details in other Euro countries. Typically UK prices are higher that the prices in the Euro zone. Which means we’ll get ripped off. Nothing that a quick trip across the channel won’t fix.