It occured (my WP 7.8 update)

Last week I posted┬áthat the update on my LG LG-E906 (“Jill Sander”) phone wasn’t available well after other phone had it. Well would you not know but just today the phone notified me of an update!

I dutifuly connected the phone to my computer and started Zune. It immediately began to down the updates and install them. Though I did have a couple of hick ups.

I received a couple of C101007B errors. My solution to this was to disconnect the phone and reboot it. The updates continues without issue after that. Though I did have to do it twice.

I now have resizable tiles and some other features and new mood colours. And only six months after WP 8 has come out.

I was nearly going to go out and buy a Nokia 520 too!