Windows 10

2004 has failed me

Recently my laptop decided to try the Windows 10 May Update – also known as Windows 10 2004. So I let it do it’s thing and at the point it asked to reboot and said ‘sure!’ and off it went. I want to grab a cuppa.

I came back expecting my PC to be welcoming me to the latest Windows – my how I was dissapointed when that wasn’t the case. I was suspicious when I logged in and none of the usual ‘Welcome’ and ‘Here are the new features’ elements made themselves apparent. A quick check in the system properties showed I was still on 1909.

“So what went wrong?” I wondered. I checked online and was advised to run a DISM command and then the SFC. So I ran both as suggested and DISM reported all OK but SFC did report that it found corrupted files and fixed them.

“hah!” said I. I rebooted and then reran the update but it broke again. A check on the error in the Update History of the Update & History panel showed a error 0x800700a1 – usually associated with a missing file. At this point I went to Microsoft community website and asked for help. There a very nice chap named Sumit advised me to bring down the Media Creation Tool and try again and if it failed go and have a look at the logs.

I did just that, the upgrade broke again, kinda expected it would, and I got a hold of the logs. Deep down in one of the files I found this line:

DISM Driver Manager: PID=1808 TID=1836 Failed to install the driver package 'C:\Windows\System32\DriverStore\FileRepository\st_accel.inf_amd64_683c82d758232d6a\st_accel.inf'. - CDriverPackage::InternalInstall(hr:0x800700a1)

The file st_accel is the driver package for the STMicroelectronics Accelerometer in my DELL Laptop. The update either was missing the driver or didn’t like the version that my DELL was using.

I tried to update the driver but was told that my machine already has the latest/best driver installed. So I did another web search and found this thread on Reddit :

It’s suggests uninstalling the device and then retrying the update.

I can report that that works.

And on reboot the STMicroelectronics Accelerometer driver also got reinstalled and the system appears to be working.