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Welcome to Chameeya

Now that my old business Chameeya Software Services Ltd. is shuttered welcome to SMR Freelancing.

It’s what Chameeya was all along anyway.

I’m doing the same great work, just without all the paperwork.

That’s .Net, SQL Server, jQuery and I’ve now picked up Reactjs and PostgresSQL and doing a little PHP now and then.


Working or not working that is the dilemma

The Dilemma

With the economy not going all out, money is tight amongst nearly everyone – especially the grant agencies. Seems a project cannot proceed without a grant. Another reason is that projects are viewed as “A WordPress Project” and appropriate cost estimates made. and to top it off “The Indians only charge X amount”.

This has created a dilemma. If I were to charge what is appropriate then chances are it is well above the grant level, beyond what a web designer considers “reasonable”. It seems that the poor bespoke programmer’s skills are considered a commodity best shipped to the cheapest locale.


So what can one do when there is less work, far more pressure to work at begging prices. Does someone decide “stuff it, pay me what I’m worth” and see all the work go elsewhere. Or do I just shrug my shoulders and think “£1 is better than £0”. The conflict is intense, due to the precedent that low quotes sets.

The Solution

Is there a solution? There are many many websites out there encouraging freelancers to charge appropriate wages. Sadly most of these sites are geared for web designers. I think I fall through a loophole. I’m not really a DBA, A Database programmer or a web designer. Guys like me end up as programmers on contract or on permanent placement.

Given the wages out in freelance-land, I think I’ll go back to the 9-5 stone grind.