The desire to strive on

I’m currently in a funny place. I have no real job. I should get a real job. But then my lifestyle is affected. Mind you the distinct lack of money is probably affecting my lifestyle more.

This is the funny thing about the western world. living on subsistance is seen as failure. You’ve not got the big house with a swimming pool and with twin Range Rovers on the drive. Now that is truely failure.

What has happened to the world I grew up in where having fun was the key to life. We all have lost that. We all think that working 45 hours a week and buying an XBox is fun. Well okay an XBox is fun, but it’s not the only fun thing that can happen.

I struggle to live in this world where a stay-at-home dad with a minimal salary is considered a life failure.

Contrast that with a close friend who has worked on his business for over 20 years and has nothing to show for it. And now, when he is at his lowest, he can’t even get a job. He is an engineer and me a computer scientist. Neither of us can get jobs. So we must just carry on as we are on subsistence wages until the end.

Why did we not recognise the end was nigh? Why were we unable to see the trend in technology where anyone over 35 is unable to obtain employment.

We were seeing things through rose coloured glasses. Imagine being older than the company CEO who looks on with distain at a 55y/o employee who has to go home at 5pm to be with family. Oh the horror! I can imagine the thoughts “he is not dedicated. lets not train him up and replace him with a younger, cheaper model who already has been taught XYZ”. Let’s not fool ourselves, these thoughts do occur. And they are illegal.

I am a victim of ageism.

Join my fight. Let’s strive on together.