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Saving away outgoing emails in Exim

In our office we use internet fax by who are simply excellent btw. Stay away from the other guys.

Incoming faxes are dropped into a common folder via a bit of procmail script in a common user’s home folder. This user has shared folder setup, see my other post on setting up shared folders in this way.

However, from time to time there is a need for staff to see a fax, which has been sent by another colleague. Usually one colleague had to forward the e-mail to the other so they could view it.

Today, I decided that was a small simple issue that could easily be resolved. We use Exim4 as our e-mail transport. Exim4 is excellent, but I find its documentation a little on the terse side. But I persevered and found two blog entries which helped me out immensely.

The first blog explains how to setup a filter file to truly blind copy all outgoing mail from a user to another user. However for Ubuntu users the file setup mentioned will not work. Ubuntu uses the flat-file configuration to make life simpler for user, and it does! So this blog  entry sorts it all out for us.

Now if you’d rather copy it to the shared folder, and your user’s have rights you can use the Exim save command documented here. I plopped it through as e-mail and let procmail take care to drop it into the correct box.

I hope you find this of great use to you and if you have other solutions, feel free to let me know by posting below.

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