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My take on the Cloud (pt1)

The Cloud. You knew I eventually had to get there didn’t you? What is all this hubub about the “Cloud”. Well I’ll try and explain what I think, without creating yet another definition. I think there are about 68 definitions now. Well According to Simon Wardley there are.

The Cloud is the next step in the gradual evolution of computer services from innovative tool to commodity. These days hardware is relatively cheap. CPU cycles are relatively cheap. Gone are the days when computers were only used by wizards with special hats. Now anyone has access to CPU cycles, and for cheap.

Will we all end up eventually using the Cloud, whether we know it or not? I think that is eventually the end game.  We’ll have small local physical hardware with virtual desktops. The software is there now to do it. We’re just waiting for the infrastructure to do it. The average connection speed in the UK is so slow it makes something like that undoable.

Currently we’ll just have to put up with browser-based apps with about 75% functionality of the desktop apps. Developers will use Clouds for development. Teams will be dispersed around the world and VPNs will die a most honourable death.

We here at Chameeya have embraced this concept by signing up with Azure and SQL Azure. We see this as the way forward. Particularily for small firms which can now offer big iron when needed and no iron when not. Azure is a wonderful platform and its right that Microsoft has “bet their company on it”. Though I don’t think they have….

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