Access mde mismatch versions

Make sure the version match

Recently I had an interesting experience with a client. I was updating a client’s access application which was in Access 2003 format. I made some additions to this application and as usual made a mde file.

My client then reported having problems with the mde. On his machine which had Access 2010 installed, the mde opened and worked fine. On his staff machine which had Access 2003 installed the database failed to open. It gave the message (sic):

Unable to open the file. It appears to be in a newer version. …

Even though the format is of the same version, the mde file was incompatible because it was created with a newer version. So the version of access on the destination machines must match the version which was used to create the mde file.

I’m sure this will cause many a nightmare for developers where clients are using older versions of Access. I find the best way to handle this is to use virtual machines. One for each version of OS and Access that your clients use.

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