Impressions of Windows Phone

I’ve now had my Windows Phone for two weeks and I thought I would just give some of my impressions of usage of it.


The front “home” screen looks nice and keeps your most used applications and e-mail accounts on the home screen. This is nice but the tiles are large and take up vast amounts of space. I then end up scrolling to get at other information/apps that I need.

Why could we not have a bottom strip with the e-mail, calendar, social buttons on it. They could be sm

all and remain fixed when scrolling. then the other tiles or apps take up the remaining space.

I do like that when you scroll off the home screen you get a alphabetical listing of apps. Though if you have a lot of apps it is a long scroll down to get your app. Might be worth breaking that up over pages.

Background Apps

This is a bug-bear with Windows Phone. Some apps, primarily the ones on the tiles, are able to run in the background and you are able to control this – yay! In general when you start an app and then move away, the app is suspended or killed. Now you might think this is great, but let’s say you are using Skype and you move off of it. Now, people can’t call you on Skype. The app must be running for that to happen. It is something that is needs to be sorting out or clarifying.


Microsoft came out with some conservative guidelines for manufacturers and it works. Performance is great and the screen size is useful but not too large.

This maybe an specific model issue, but battery life is pathetic with my LG-E906. I am having to charge this phone everyday. Not great for long trips.


One thing I was thinking about today is how I phone the emergency number. I would have to slide to unlock the screen, then go to the phone tile (perhaps scolling to get there), then press keypad and dial ‘999’. There needs to be a short-cut there.

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The emergency phone access should be a button on bottom left off the unlock screen. It’ll allow anyone access to the emergency services phone number even if the phone is locked.

I love my WP7 phone, it just needs to be a whole lot better. WP8 is out soon, I’ve got my cash ready…

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