Seeking Remote Work (Please)

The world is upside down and in some parts is literally on fire. There are some sad scenes going on. Just hope everyone there calms down and goes home safely.

I’m not seeking some new work and move up the management ladder – it is a ladder yes?

Is there a company out there looking for a remote working person with lots of experience looking to move into a newer technology stack and a position of leadership and mentoring. Yes!

Excellent. Have a look at my LinkedIn profile and I’m also on Github with a new project I’ve only just started.

You’ll there plent of C#, ASP.Net, SQL Server and a bit of jQuery and React. The new project is all in javascript, React, node.js and Typescript.

If any of that is appealing than contact me and let’s chat maybe we can work something out that benefits both of us. (mutually beneficial?)

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Welcome to Chameeya

Now that my old business Chameeya Software Services Ltd. is shuttered welcome to SMR Freelancing.

It’s what Chameeya was all along anyway.

I’m doing the same great work, just without all the paperwork.

That’s .Net, SQL Server, jQuery and I’ve now picked up Reactjs and PostgresSQL and doing a little PHP now and then.

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A begging letter

The web is a massive thing. You’ll find all sorts on here, good and bad, in relative measure of course. There are those what would consider blog on Access bad.

I’ve heard about inbound marketing. What it is exactly I am not sure. It sure does fit for a introverted person like myself, I can even speak with my parents for all that long!

But does it not all sound like inbound marketing is a new way of writing a work begging letter. It is a way to attract people who are looking for someone to find you. I thought if I blog on Access topics people will find me. So far it hasn’t worked out that way. Maybe they are coming here – though from stats they aren’t – and taking the knowledge.

Any inbound marketing tips and sites are welcme. I’ve used up my book budget this year so won’t be able to buy any of those.