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Windows 7, WebDav and basic authentication

In a recent post I gave some tips and experience on setting up a WebDAV server on lighttpd. Now one thing you noticed is that the authentication was basic. This means that the password is sent clear to the server from the client. Unfortunately most web servers which use LDAP as the authentication and authorization back end can only do so using basic authentication.

This is fine using Windows XP. Its WebDAV client doesn’t care. In Vista it will work with basic as long as the connection is encrypted. In Windows 7 it will only work with digest authentication whether or not the connection is encrypted. Well that is my expereince. If someone has a way to get the Win7 WebDAV client to work over a SSL link to a WebDAV server which uses basic authentication please tell us.

As it is we must now use 3rd party WebDAV clients. Typically you have to pay in order to get one that is at least as good as the Windows supplied client.

Microsoft please sort this issue out and take it back to the Vista functionality.