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Conezilla and GRUB a match

The backup server in the office is obviously a quite critical machine. Its the only thing preventing user’s from permanently losing their data. The machine was an old machine that I had bought from a charity. I replaced the powesupply and the internal fans and upgrade the NIC and installed a RAID.

Well I had been checking the drive health by SMART using the LINUX package smartctl. I don’t fully understand the statistics in this package but it did look like the drive was wearing and due for a replacement. So I’d heard of Clonezilla and thought this was the perfect solution.

I had a 160GB drive I bought over a year ago for just this purpose. So I installed it and turned off the RAID while I figured things out.

I fired up clonezilla and went through the steps. I ran into a couple of hitches along the way.
Clonezilla failed to copy one of the partitions because it wasn’t clean. I had to fsck that partition and start over.

The second was that I asked Clonezilla to copy over the GRUB in the MBR – but this also failed as I was still on GRUB 1.x and Clonezilla wanted to put in GRUB 2.0. So on the reboot the machine did not boot. It dumped me into a min-GRUB command line. This didn’t have all the commands of the OS version. So I was a bit stuck.

Now the frustrating bit. Somehow as I was rejigging the cables and devices the machine failed to POST, which was sad indeed. I have a spare but this sad as this machine really had been a workhorse for four years now.

I now have to use another unused machine (lucky me) to take over the backup duties. I did try the Ubuntu repair-system process but this failed to install GRUB for some reason. Which does worry me a lot. Obviously another way would be to re-install Ubuntu fresh to the disk and clone over the partitions. That would be a last resort.

Any advice would be most welcome.