knowledgeroot LAMP mysql

Spreading the knowledge

This time I’ll report on my success in installing knowledgeroot on my application server.

Knowledgeroot ( is a wiki-type open-source product written using LAMP which is meant to hold documents and pages of information. Its primary purpose is to provide documentation or information for workgroups.

LAMP for those of you who don’t know is the open-source platform for much of the websites on the internet. It is a acronym (Linux Apache MySQL PHP). See for more information on LAMP.

When you go to the knowledgeroot website – which itself uses knowledge root – the install instructions are very terse. It simply tells you to copy the files into the Apache space. Then browse to the install.php page and follow the instructions.

First I had to install Apache. This was easily done as it was already on my CentOS 5.3 server, I only had to start it when I was ready.

Rather than copy the files under Apache folders I rather was going to the alias facilty found in any modern webserver. I placed them in /usr/Knowledgeroot/knowledgeroot- and then went into the Apache config file (httpd.conf) and added in the alias knowledgebase to point to the folder above.

I then started Apache and navigated to http://localhost/knowledgebase/install.php and was confronted with the “install” page. This was just a simple page with no instructions really. Most of it I could figure out, it was only the database part which I didn’t understand. I reckoned I that I first needed to setup the database before progressing further with the install.

I pulled out my favorite took in these instances…Google. I found this page which helped immensly!
I more, or less followed those instructions, knowledgeroot is not a package on CentOS, and I had a separate user just for the knowledgeroot database. The database created was not in Innodb format so I had to copy the files over to my NAS and create a symbolic link to the folder, easy-peasy.
Then I tackled the install page and it came up with the entries to the config files and instuctions on to delete the install.php files. If the developers are reading this, the install needs to be improved! I’ve put it on my TODO list.
Then onto using it! I setup my users…a bit ugly. Again an area which needs work. And then I put some content in.

Overall its working quite well. I haven’t trained user’s on it yet. I have a load of work to finish on other things first. Plus I also had to install a IMAP server and then setup fetchmail and procmail onto my servers. Something which is still causing my trouble. More on that next time.
I certainly hope this helps others with knowledgeroot out there. There are forums of course if you get really stuck. I see this as a experiment at present. I haven’t decide whether I will build a product on top of it. There would be some licensing and technology issues that would need to be decided on first.