Access collation compact on close error service pack

Strange error on closing a .mdb

If you are getting a strange error about collation sequence in Access 2010 when closing a .mdb file,
Something like “Selected collating sequence not supported with the specified file format”.

When you look this up you will find advice to set the collating sequence to general. However this will not work. And in some cases the database will become corrupt.

The most likely cause is a recent Service Pack to Access, SP1. The latest Service Pak of Access 2010 appears to have a bug in the compact on close feature. The cure is to turn this off.

Access begging hire me inbound marketing MS Access unemployed work

A begging letter

The web is a massive thing. You’ll find all sorts on here, good and bad, in relative measure of course. There are those what would consider blog on Access bad.

I’ve heard about inbound marketing. What it is exactly I am not sure. It sure does fit for a introverted person like myself, I can even speak with my parents for all that long!

But does it not all sound like inbound marketing is a new way of writing a work begging letter. It is a way to attract people who are looking for someone to find you. I thought if I blog on Access topics people will find me. So far it hasn’t worked out that way. Maybe they are coming here – though from stats they aren’t – and taking the knowledge.

Any inbound marketing tips and sites are welcme. I’ve used up my book budget this year so won’t be able to buy any of those.

Access lightswitch microsoft microsoft access silverlight

Evaluate Lightswitch

Yesterday, well actually two days ago on the 27th of July. Microsoft released Visual Studio for Lightswitch.

Lightswitch is a very lightweight tool for building essentially forms applications in Silverlight which can be run anywhere. On your desktop, in the cloud accessing remote databases in SQL Azure or SQL Server.

Microsoft has graciously allowed those with a MSDN subscription to be included. So I have installed it and gave it a quick whirl. I was impressed with just how quick it can be to setup a very simple application. But will it replace Access? I think not – it is for an entirely different market. It probably is better than attempting to use the Access Services on Sharepoint.

I’ll be posting more on this in the next few weeks. Why not give it a try youself with the 90 day trial.