Critial WebForms (don’t Laugh)

So earlier this year Microsoft (MS) ended the development of the .Net Framework package. The final version will be 4.8. What this means is that going forward only security patches will be made, no bug fixes and certainly no more enhancements. Instead, app developers are encouraged to switch to .Net Core.

One issue with this is that there is no path for WebForms apps to .Net Core. It’s a complete rewrite. Even for MVC applications the effort is significant, the effort for WebForms is massive. Many thousands of these applications exist – I presently work on one – and they mostly serve a critical purpose in business and most don’t have the budget to rewrite them.

So most of these apps will remain and be bug fixed and possibly even extended.

I understand the reasons that MS did not bring over WebForms because it was very wired into IIS and MS wanted a platform that worked on all plaforms. And I don’t know 100% the technical reasons why something could not be made to simulate or replicate the functionality in .Net Core. I’ll never know.

In the meantime .Net Framework is built in to Windows 10 and will all be around. Much of Windows 10 depends on it. So don’t worry, your apps will carry on running and there are still devs around that can work on it (I am one of them).

And should you feel like putting your app on the Cloud this chap shows some interesting possibilities.

Windows 10

2004 has failed me

Recently my laptop decided to try the Windows 10 May Update – also known as Windows 10 2004. So I let it do it’s thing and at the point it asked to reboot and said ‘sure!’ and off it went. I want to grab a cuppa.

I came back expecting my PC to be welcoming me to the latest Windows – my how I was dissapointed when that wasn’t the case. I was suspicious when I logged in and none of the usual ‘Welcome’ and ‘Here are the new features’ elements made themselves apparent. A quick check in the system properties showed I was still on 1909.

“So what went wrong?” I wondered. I checked online and was advised to run a DISM command and then the SFC. So I ran both as suggested and DISM reported all OK but SFC did report that it found corrupted files and fixed them.

“hah!” said I. I rebooted and then reran the update but it broke again. A check on the error in the Update History of the Update & History panel showed a error 0x800700a1 – usually associated with a missing file. At this point I went to Microsoft community website and asked for help. There a very nice chap named Sumit advised me to bring down the Media Creation Tool and try again and if it failed go and have a look at the logs.

I did just that, the upgrade broke again, kinda expected it would, and I got a hold of the logs. Deep down in one of the files I found this line:

DISM Driver Manager: PID=1808 TID=1836 Failed to install the driver package 'C:\Windows\System32\DriverStore\FileRepository\st_accel.inf_amd64_683c82d758232d6a\st_accel.inf'. - CDriverPackage::InternalInstall(hr:0x800700a1)

The file st_accel is the driver package for the STMicroelectronics Accelerometer in my DELL Laptop. The update either was missing the driver or didn’t like the version that my DELL was using.

I tried to update the driver but was told that my machine already has the latest/best driver installed. So I did another web search and found this thread on Reddit :

It’s suggests uninstalling the device and then retrying the update.

I can report that that works.

And on reboot the STMicroelectronics Accelerometer driver also got reinstalled and the system appears to be working.


Seeking Remote Work (Please)

The world is upside down and in some parts is literally on fire. There are some sad scenes going on. Just hope everyone there calms down and goes home safely.

I’m not seeking some new work and move up the management ladder – it is a ladder yes?

Is there a company out there looking for a remote working person with lots of experience looking to move into a newer technology stack and a position of leadership and mentoring. Yes!

Excellent. Have a look at my LinkedIn profile and I’m also on Github with a new project I’ve only just started.

You’ll there plent of C#, ASP.Net, SQL Server and a bit of jQuery and React. The new project is all in javascript, React, node.js and Typescript.

If any of that is appealing than contact me and let’s chat maybe we can work something out that benefits both of us. (mutually beneficial?)