Angular JS – what the hell

I just got landed a project. A really interesting project. So interesting is this project that there is no money to fund it. Typical eh?

So the story on the this project is that it is a data visualisation project, currently being built at the University of Manitoba. A great institution and my Alma Mater BTW.

Anyway. it seems that this project made a lot of headway with the original author. ┬áBut then it was handed to another student and that student made it to a point, and then rewrote it – well attempted to – in Ruby on Rails.

When I read the “Ruby on Rails” bit I was expecting a large application, RR is a MVC framework designed to make large application a breeze to build. Turns out the application is a single page application. Mainly written in AngularJS with D3 charts. AngularJS fetched its data from the RR back end. sigh.

And to make matters even worse..the application is barely functional as compared to the earlier version. This is a typical case that switching platforms to one that allegedly makes things “easier” often doesn’t. You may look at one aspect and think “you know using a framework with a nice database ORM would help here”. And forgetting all the plumbing it takes to achieve a replication of the original.

This should be interesting as we’ve decided to bin the Ruby on Rails version and “go back to the future” and start with the more functional version. I will than use some separate components (like Doctrine) to help and perhaps some of my own classes to bespoke this app, rather than squeeze it into a MVC framework.

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