Windows Phone 7.8 Not Quite Here


been several months since Microsoft released Windows Phone 8 to much fanfare. Well, okay, it was two guys playing a tuba. But none the less, At the time Microsoft promised all us guys on Windows Phone 7 an update!

It’s now April 2013 and I am still waiting for my Windows Phone 7 to be upgraded. Or perhaps its the manufacturer of my phone dragging their heels. Earlier this year Nokia announced their update¬†would roll out. My phone is an LG and although LG stopped with WP a year back, they are now back on board. See link. But LG are still a bit wishy-washy about support for WP7 and supplying an update to 7.5. I have seen some reports that LG won’t supply updates for any LG devices.

This looks like another all around mess. And perhaps another reason that Apple is so powerful here. As they control everything they don’t have to convince manufacturers not to screw their customers.


Maybe rather than wait, or spend $$ on WP8, I’ll just by a phone with a image of fruit on it’s back.

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