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Why server virtualisation is important

The other day our electricity bill arrived and uh, well it was quite large. It quite shocked us. And it also showed us that we were using a lot more power than we were last year. I began to think what had changed which so increased our power consumption over the last year.

In the past year I had just started to leave the servers, all five of them, on 24/7. I am hypothesising that that is the difference. I don’t have a energy meter on each server but some have 4 fans and five hard disks. In theory they should spin down over time, but whenever I’ve checked it hasn’t happened. And with a small office the servers are only utilized 25% of time, max.

So now I have begun a crusade to reduce our power consumption. I’ve already shutdown the Asterisk server and have all phones going direct to the VOIP provider. I have shutdown the Windows server which hadn’t been used in two months. I moved services from the backup server to the NAS server. I configured the backup server to turn off at 8am everyday – I just have to remember to turn it on before I go.

Now I need to move services from my webmail server to the NAS machine. That will make one machine responsible for DNS, DHCP, LDAP, Samba, e-mail, IMAP, WEBDAV and Squirrel mail.

When I need a server turned on, to do Oracle or Umbraco or SQL Server testing, then I’ll just turn it on when needed. I don’t know what possessed me to build so many servers…no real use is it? This is why virtualisation is so important. Under utilised machines now become utilized and less servers means less power.

Glad I thought of it! (lol) Just being cheeky.

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