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Why I’m waiting for Lucid

I’ve been watching all the latest hype over the Ubuntu latest release – Karmic Koala – and Windows 7. Both products are evolutions of their prior versions. Though I think Ubuntu has progressed further in its release than Windows has. Any clue why we’ve gone from ‘Vista’ to ‘7’? Maybe it should have been named ‘Seven’ instead.

I have been contemplating upgrading my servers to Ubuntu 9.10 but I’ve got one major issue to tackle. OpenLDAP. This baby runs my network now. All authentication on the Windows and Linux machines goes through OpenLDAP at some point. If that goes then I will have all sorts of problems with e-mail, servers, NFS links all would be broken. The only thing left working would be the local accounts on each machine – which are there to run the service account.  User’s couldn’t connect to them.

Turns out the OpenLDAP install in Ubuntu is slightly broken.  And upgrading is no better. I have given some thought to doing one of two things:

  • Save all the configuration files and folders (all the cn=config folders)
  • Wait for Lucid and see if Ubuntu has a better solution

My other server upgrade – 8.10 to 9.10 – will just have to wait – but maybe up to 9.04 is viable. That would give me a newer version of Dovecot and CUPS. Getting a newer version of Dovecot would let me use some of its newer plug-ins, like expire – which will help remove older SPAM items from my user’s e-mail boxes.

As the next version of Ubuntu in 10.04 will be LTS – I expect Ubuntu to give production systems a much better and safer and tested upgrade path.

BTW: anyone figured out to get PHPLDAPAdmin working properly. More on that next time.

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