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Thinking of the CRM future.

To be honest business really has fallen flat here at Chameeya. I’ve no one to blame but myself really. That’s one of the Botty Rules:

As a business owner I am 100% responsible for everything.

It seems the database programmer market really has fallen through the floor. This may be because businesses are cutting back on development budgets and/or shifting work to other areas such as Eastern Europe or South Asia.

So rather than put my head in my hands…well okay so I have done that. I am looking for new opportunities. As I look around I can see that eCommerce, Website, CRM and web applications are still in demand. In fact finding people with good PHP, Drupal, WordPress skills are in high demand. I have known from my mentor that small businesses need help with CRM and contacting and maintaining contact with their businesses.

I’ve begun thinking that learning PHP and a package like SugarCRM or ZohoCRM might be worthwhile. I would still need to market it however. Really marketing is my week point. The rate at which I blog probably gives you an idea how bad I am! I’m still in the database area, CRM’s rely heavily on databases, and its still programming. Customers will need customisation and that’s where my programming skills come into play. And they will need maintenance contracts. Smaller customers can use an Access system, and larger customers can use a in-house or hosted SugarCRM system.

And when you think about it, businesses really need to keep in touch with contacts and customers more than ever now. Now is the time when they need a CRM more than anyone else.

Does this sound like a good vision of the future. I’m seriously asking for advice. seriously.

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