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The Next Step

I’ve received the responses to my NWDA innovation voucher which I’d won, as mentioned in my prior post. Initially it looked like there were three parties interested in supplying a solution to my question. However upon closer inspection two appeared to misread the question. I am asking for market research into the Cloud software area. I’d like to offer a Cloud-based solution to Medium and Large businesses.

Two of the suppliers thought that I was asking for development work on software. Only one has the right idea and recognized that it was about market research. After some conversing I managed to nail this down, but am still waiting on one more to respond with some experience data – ie: their CV.

As this project is probably critical to the future success and growth of my business its absolutely a must that I get the right research done by the right person. And I don’t have a lot of time to decide.

Microsoft is now making a big push into the Cloud. I suppose they want to dominate the Cloud the same way they have dominated the desktop. See their demo on their online user management. As I mentioned last time SQL Azure is commercially available. We here at Chameeya are working diligently to constantly update ourselves on the latest Cloud technology.

Which means that to be serious we need to attend conferences such as cloud bootcamp 2010 in Prague. That’s the next step.

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