First Impressions of Windows 8

This past weekend I took one of my spare machines and decided since I had a Windows 8 licence I’d see what this Windows 8 was all about.

The machine that I had was currently using Vista Pro. I maybe should have upgraded a Windows XP machine instead but since XP is very stable and Vista annoying. I think maybe I made the right decision.

The install went quite quickly and easily. Quite quick really.

Then I logged in for the first time. I now know why the reviewers think this is a topsy turvy OS. I got pretty damn confused after the first hour and gave up. Window 8 can’t figure out if it is a tablet OS or a desktop OS.

As a tablet OS I’d say it does a superb job. As a desktop OS…it ain’t and will drive desktop users up the wall. We’ll probably see the slowed adoption of a desktop OS since Vista.

Course as a phone OS Windows 8 is the best one out there.