Proper Relationship of a Graphics Designer


I was sub-contracted to modify & extend a CRM for a client. Now I agreed in the contract that there would be a graphics designer employed by the client and they would make all the CSS and graphics changes. I would assist, of course, where any code changes would be needed.


I get the graphics files. Which turns out to be a psd file and a jpg file. The jpg file is not too useful due to the lossy effect jpg has. Not being a graphics designer I have no need for Photoshop at all and so I asked the designer to kindly send all the images separately. I do have GIMP for any simple graphics needs that I have. But GIMP is unable to load the latest psd file version.

The response I got back was surprising. I was to to “download the photoshop 30-day trial”.  That is, spend your time downloading, installing and extracting the icons out.

And if that wasn’t bad enough, the design was incomplete. It was missing a whole lot of necessary icons.


Quality of service is highly important. Incomplete work and wasting other’s time for something that is easy for you to do is just being professional. It really isn’t appropriate for me to ask my clients “well if you download this you can open my file” is it? Supply the file in a format the client can open.

Would I use this person again in future. Probably not.

Go that extra mile people!

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