Lazy designers, please hand code

I work on a great number of sites for clients. Many look fantastic, which is great. But then I come along with a client request to add or modify the layout. Then I discover some of the horrors of designs.

I could note some here:

  • absolute positioning the header and left menu elements
  • floating the main content area
  • putting CSS styles on html elements likeĀ  table and td

This is pure laziness. I suspect these designs have been exported from Photoshop and then “delivered”.

I’m sorry but this is laziness. Sure use photoshop to layout the screen as you would like to see it. But any designer worth their bill should develop the html and graphics by hand to match the photoshop. Such designs are devoid (hopefully) of the issues I mentioned above.

Doing this will save me from getting more gray hairs. So give my wife a break, develop the html by hand not by photoshop export.

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