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It sure is hot in there

Hello all. I’ve been a bit better and managed to post another blog entry this month. Recently I’ve been having “fun” with dnsmasq and ssh. As well I think I’ve found a good tool for internal wikis.

I’ve lately experienced a “problem” with dsnmasq where if I try and apply aliases to a machine by adding them into the /etc/hosts file and where the machine is setup to obtain its address by DHCP, then the machine’s name is not registered into dnsmasq. So a ping machine-name will return not found. Which I found bizarre but sensible. It took me a while to understand that. Now I’m seeking a way to create alias records in dnsmasq. There was a directive cname in a older copy of the documentation, but not in the version I have. Adding this to the dnsmasq.conf file created an error, so if it ever was possible it isn’t now.

The other issue I was having was a delay of about 10seconds logging into one of my linux machines through ssh. I hunted around the internet for a reason for this. There seemed to be many. Some have suggested setting the option GSSAPIAuthentication no, but this did not work for me. However another suggestion to add the line UseDNS no did work. Presumably the specific version of Ubuntu (Jaunty 9.04) was compiled with this option turned on. I wonder why it would be slow, given that I run dnsmasq. perhaps dnsmasq does not perform reverse lookups very well? Its a mystery.

Lastly, I have been searching many systems for use as a basis of a simple document handling product. I came across something which could be used as a basic wiki tool. Knowledgeroot ( is a basic wiki type tool which is very open and easy to use. I plan on setting it up internally for use as a systems and development documentation tool. I will post an update on that when I get it going. I think I’ll firs post a blog on setting up Apache and mySQL first!

I’ve cut the blog short as I’ve had a bit of a domestic problem. my fridge started putting out heat rather than sucking it up! Its been a struggle to get a newish one.

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