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CRMs and just the basics please

I’ve been speaking with my mentor last week about the work I do. Mainly it was about straightening out my skill set towards the market needs. As I market towards small business, it really is important to leave all the techno-lingo out of the marketing. That works fine for larger consulting houses who are looking for help – ie: a contractor. But it doesn’t work for a small businessman who knows nothing about technology. They just want something to solve their need.

Lately I’ve been doing more and more simple systems in Access – mainly with CRM capabilities. Access is perfect for a single man shop. There is no installation requirement, it can use the Access runtime component. And as long as you don’t need it to integrate with e-mail, its works a charm. Plus it can be extended to do so many other things.

For the web one can go and get ZOHO CRM which is a very simple system with basic customisability. And free for first three users and reasonable charges there after. Plus a developer can addon any forms and other customisation. This is a new avenue for Chameeya. It still uses a database in the back – so we utilise our database programming skills – and a UI – so we utilise our UI skills.

So many websites go on an on about technology – and I’m no different. This is probably because we are essentially geeks and think (or expect) everyone else to have an understanding of computers. Time for me to update and simplify the website.