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Its all Oracle now

Not much going on in the Rafiq technology world. Contemplating a DS Lite for the kids and maybe a android phone for myself. Who says you have to be Christian to join in at Christmas time?

I’ve just completed a upgrade to my client’s software. This package runs on Oracle in back with a Access front end. I’ve always pondered whether such a package could use Oracle but with a web front end and run it in the cloud. That way customers wouldn’t have the hassle of software patches and backups and their data would also be secure. Actually convincing customers about data-security is a very hard thing to do. Now I wonder if I can get an innovation voucher for that?

Upgrading Oracle database on Linux is meant to be simple eh? A common guy like me still manages to struggle a bit. I fumbled through however. It take two people it seems. The Linux admin who needs to adjust the kernel parameters, turn off SELINUX, instal any necessary dependancies, setup folders and ensure permissions are correct and setup the users and groups – before the DBA can start the install process.  Now why this could not be part of a RPM/Debian package I’ll never know. Why can’t Oracle – with its many throusands of programmers make a RPM which contains all the dependancies and updates the kernel parameters for you and then starts the update wizard? Is it laziness, or is it just in keeping with the semi-bad Linux distribution they put out.

And before you can install there’s the steps of backing up the database – prudent – clearing out recycle bins and ensuring things are clean before starting the install. All things that need to be done by the DBA. Once going its okay, but the 11g R2 update wizard is fragile – I did manage to crash it during the pre-install process. I crossed my fingers (and toes) during the upgrade process. It all worked however.

I keep hearing more and more bad stuff about Ubuntu Karmic Koala. usually from people using Kubuntu. I’ve never tried the KDE window manager and desktop, I’m not sure I will try it soon.

And lastly. Google Wave. My invite came through and now I’m attempting to use it. It really is pre-Beta software currently. Maybe a year from now it will have more to show. but will it beat Facebook with 350M users. Now that’s the $64B question.