Are Cigar lovers being ripped off?

I suppose

I suppose that is a rehtorical title for a post. Because why would I choose to write about cigar lovers and “ripped off” in the same sentance. Of course we are being ripped off!


Recently I needed a better place to keep my cigars than in their box – I mainly smoke cigarillos. Not being that up on the cigar area I went out and bought the cheapest “solution” for a cigar humidifier – a Humi-Jar. This is sold online as a true humidifier with a humidification control pack.

Essentially what you get is a large plastic jar and a humidity controller with a bit of velcro so it sticks to the lid of that jar. That jar is large enough to hold about 20 or so cigars. The humidity controller is a small circular disk containing jelly and with adjustable opening. This is meant to allow to control of the humidity inside. No instructions in sight anywhere. I am expected entirely through research and trial and error how to use this.

Apparently one drips a bit of distilled water in the “humidity controller” and removes it from the jar it the humidity gets too high and replace it  when it gets too low. No humidity indicator is included in the kit.

Rip Off

Considering that I can buy a similar sized glass jar from Ikea for £2 – paying £17 for a plastic jar is a mighty rip off in itself.

The purported “humidity controller” is just a plastic-disk with jelly inside and adjustable openings. No instructions are provided, but after research I found that one pours in distilled water into. There is also mention of a “50/50” solution, but I’ve not been able to find out what that is.

There is no humidity indicator included so I would have to buy one and keep it inside and check daily to ensure things don’t get too wet or dry.

Frankly this is rubbish.

My Humi-Jar

I went out and got a £2 glass jar from Ikea. I just happened to be there anyway buying a table so it cost me nothing. To control the humidity I got a Boveda pack – at 69%. these are brilliant, last about 3 months and are reasonably priced. A Boveda pack control the humidity perfectly, its a kind of “set-it-and-forget-it” solution. Which is just what most cigar lovers really need.

So don’t even go near Humi-Jar, it is the biggest scam on the planet.

So if you are considering

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